Wisconsin Society of Cytology - History
The idea of forming a state cytology society was conceived by four cytotechnologists in Northern Wisconsin who felt isolated from others in the field. The opportunities available to discuss everyday laboratory problems or learn of new developments in cytology were generally limited to the Annual American Society of Cytology Scientific Meeting.
A pre-organizational meeting was held on January 20, 1968, at Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield, where it was decided a regional organization would benefit all who were interested cytology. Numerous letters were written to all existing regional societies requesting copies of their constitution and by-laws and inquiring as to how their societies were organized. By gleaning parts from these various constitutions, which would be applicable to our organization, a constitution was drawn up naming our group the Wisconsin Society of Cytology.
The first organizational meeting was held in Madison at the Quality Courts Motel on April 28, 1968. As the society had no treasury at this point, Dr. O. R. Kelly, Wausau, absorbed the cost of stationery and mailing of invitations to all cytotechnologists and pathologists for this meeting. Dr. S. L. Inhorn, Madison, graciously consented to be the guest speaker. His topic was “Developments in the Cancer Field: Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer”. The attendance and response to this first meeting was most encouraging and it was felt the organization was off to a fine start. The officers the first year was: president, John Heinzel; vice-President, Allan Cobb; secretary, Sharon Childs; and treasurer, Edith Smith.
As with any young organization, it has its problems, and ours was no exception. It was soon clear that our constitution was much too binding and not as workable as it could be. A constitution and by-laws committee was established to propose certain minor changes in this document to make it easier for the Executive Committee to implement their duties and to provide for staggered two year term of the officers of the Society. Officers are elected at the Annual Meeting with the committee chairman appointed by the president. With guidance of Dr. David La Fond, Milwaukee, and Robert Rules of Order, this committee drafted a constitution and by-laws to be approved by the membership as the final working document of the Society.
Since 1968 The Wisconsin Society of Cytology has had two meetings per year, one in Spring, the Annual Meeting, and one in Fall at which the business of the Society is conducted and various lectures of interest are given. In the not so distant past a kodachrome slide seminar was conducted once every third meeting where a panel of three pathologists and one cytotechnologist offered their opinions on the cases presented. Members of the Society were encouraged throughout the year to submit interesting cases for this seminar. Through the donations of the American Cancer Society (Milwaukee and Wisconsin Chapters), a set of kodachromes were given to all members of the Wisconsin Society of Cytology to be discussed at the following meeting . These donations were also applied to other educational purposes. The Dane County Cytology Center donations were appropriated to defray the cost of the guest speakers. At that time a newsletter, prepared by the secretary, was published six weeks before each meeting, presenting, in detail, the program of the up-coming meeting and other items of interest to the membership.
The Wisconsin Society of Cytology developed from a mere idea of a few people into a paid membership of 133, of which approximately half are cytotechnologists. Throughout the years, this young organization has been most fortunate to have the interest and support of many pathologists and cytotechnologists who have willingly given of their time and knowledge to further the cause of this organization and invite you to become part of it, too.

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