Fall Meeting Presentation. Spring Meeting Plans

At our recent fall meeting we were lucky enough to have Lynnette Savaloja MBA, SCT(ASCP) give a great presentation on How Professional Organizations are Paving the Way to New Horizons in Cytotechnology 

We Are also Excited at the prospect of having our spring meeting coincide with the ASC/ASCP workgroup and the ACE program which is coming to Chicago on May 21-22, 2016. Members should have received an email on this subject. An official update is looming as to where we go with this. Stay tuned!

Interesting and Difficult Cases Series #1

Here it is,

What everyone has been waiting for since our Cytology bash in October, the monthly case study. Every month (or thereabouts) we will post an interesting case here on the blog, Twitter, and Facebook. Feel free to express your "opinions" and "comments" on our blog's comment section, in Facebook comments, or tweet them at us. Do not, however; think that comments are your final answers!

Your final answer must be emailed to our Webmaster (webmaster@wiscytology.org), or you can message our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/wiscytology

A winner will be selected from all of the correct answers of fully paid members and a system of ranking and reward will be developed as the months go by. Your answers will be kept 100% confidential, only winners will be announced publicly.

Without any further ado

Best of Luck to you all!