Call to action from our CT friends in Puerto Rico

 Hector R. Garcia, SCT(ASCP)CMIAC has recently contacted our Board with news from the University of Puerto Rico, Cytotechnology program. Infrastructure in the area is still in poor shape and students are still in need of the bare necessities.

Here is a link to the student gofundme page. The board is currently working on additional ways we can help in the wake of this disaster, but anything we as individuals can contribute would be greatly appreciated. 

Please see the letter we received from Hector below and consider a donation, however small.
Dear friends,
I was able to communicate with the Yadiris  Lopez Rivera, education coordinator of the PR school and she gave me an update of the situation of the school:

-They re-open the school October 9, the school is located in the Medical center complex and they have power, however interruptions are frequent. In order to make up for the lost time classes usually ends a 9 PM and on Saturdays.
-There facilities did not suffer significant  damages like others buildings in the Medical center complex.  
-The students spend most of the time at the school since there they have power and running water. Most of them don’t have electricity or running water at their houses or dorms. The faculty, as much as they can, provide them with bottle water and food/snacks
Since they can’t cook at their home for lack of power and a lot of their parents are unemployed due to the storm.
-The students created a gofundme link to raise funds  to buy food, water and others necessities . Any help is appreciated, the link is
-The email address of Yadiris is if someone will like to contact her directly.

Just trying to keep you informed and any help you can give them will be greatly appreciated.
 Hector R. Garcia, SCT(ASCP)CMIAC

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