Officer Elections!

Hello Colleagues,

As our big 50th Anniversary meeting approaches it is time to think about nominations for the important roles that help our society run and make these events possible. Three very important chairs will be open for election at our meeting, these include President-elect, Membership Director, and Scholarship Director

Joining the board comes with some responsibility, but it also affords you the ability to meet with members all over the state, the chance to connect with leadership in the field, and the adventure of shaping our society and profession's future!

Please take a look at each officer's duties below and consider running for one of these seats. Elections will take place at the Spring Meeting.

Year One

·         Learn procedures and responsibilities of the President
·         Receive up to $1000 toward attendance at a national conference to gather ideas and meet potential speakers

Year Two and Three (as President)
·         Set date and preside at the interim meetings of the Executive Committee (June and January)
·         Send agenda to board members 4 to 6 weeks prior to meetings
·         Obtain speakers for the spring and fall meetings
·         Write president’s message for the newsletter
·         Directly approve expenses for speakers and forward to treasurer for payment within 5 to 7 days of receipt
·         Appoint chairpersons and members to Ad Hoc Committees
·         Appoint members to the Executive Committee for any unfilled terms.

Membership Director
·         Update and keep a current roster of members
·         Process membership applications
·         Process meeting registrations and supply meeting folders and nametags
·         Send a roster of the WSC Executive Committee to ASC, ASCT and Cytotechnologist Bulletin
·         Prepare an updated membership directory every other year for distribution to the membership
·         Mail membership renewal cards
·         Record dues payment

Scholarship Director
·         Process and distribute scholarship applications
·         Review scholarship applications and present recommendations at the Spring Executive board meeting
·       Contact potential donors soliciting contributions toward scholarship funds
·         Oversee WSC Professional Scholarship Fund

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